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Slug Brothers is a light-hearted, zany comedy series. Each 11 minute episode will feature the misadventures of three lazy, disgustingly messy, giant slugs. As the name suggests, most of the episodes are comedically based on authentic emotions experienced by siblings.



Ernest is the oldest and most cranky brother. He works at a boring office job, which makes him think he is above his two unemployed brothers, but he is just as lazy as they are.


Elmer is the type of guy who would rather come up with a scheme or cheat to get what he wants, always failing to realise that it would be less effort to go about things honestly.


Garth is the youngest, silliest, and least intelligent of the slugs. He gets dragged into Elmer’s plans, not because he is conniving, but because he wants to be accepted by his brothers.

Why Now?

Slug Brothers is intended to work across platforms. Each 11 minute episode can stand on its own as an online webisode or can be combined with another to fill a traditional 22 minute time slot.

Estimated Budget

$20,000 - $30,000 per 11 minute episode. There will be additional costs for puppets and sets; however, the same puppets will be used in each episode and most episodes take place on the same sets. Multiple episodes will be shot at the same time to cut down on costs.

Creative Team

Peter Kominek


Creator, Writer, Director

Peter Kominek, an award-winning filmmaker with a BA in Motion Picture Arts. For the last 10 years Peter has written and directed feature films, multiple short films, and music videos.

Nick Bellemore


Puppet Fabricator, Lead Puppeteer

Nick Bellemore, a seasoned make-up artist of over 15 years. Nick has created amazing special effects for TV and films and has travelled across Canada puppeteering.

Alexander Kominek



Alexander Kominek, a writer/director with a B.Sc. in Film Studies. Alexander has written and directed feature films, short films, and commercial videos for the past 8 years.

Andrew Kominek


Sound Designer, Composer

Andrew Kominek, an experienced music producer and recording artist. Andrew received a scholarship to attend the prestigious Banff Centre for the Arts' Audio Engineering Practicum program.

Episode Ideas

The premise of Slug Brothers is very flexible and allows for many creative and hilarious episode ideas such as...

  • Fearing their eviction, Elmer and Garth ruin ernest’s date (pilot Episode)
  • Elmer and Garth get hired by a ride sharing company and use Ernest‘s car while he has to deal with public transportation
  • The slugs get a visit from their sister, a human, who is the biggest “slug” of all and won’t leave
  • Ernest promises to babysit a dog but gets called into work leaving his brothers to take care of the animal
  • An inherited treasure map sends the brothers on a futile search
  • “The Slug Brothers Grimm” a series of episodes based on fairy tales as interpreted by the slugs
  • Garth becomes a famous actor and his brothers become jealous of his newfound fame

What we're looking for

Financing, Broadcast agreement/Distribution agreement, second window


Peter Kominek