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Cast & Crew

Peter Kominek


Writer, Director, Creator. Puppeteer and voice of the Slug Brothers
Peter Kominek, an award-winning filmmaker with a BA in Motion Picture Arts. For the last 10 years Peter has written and directed feature films, multiple short films, and music videos.

Nick Bellemore


Puppet Fabricator and Puppeteer
Nick Bellemore is a seasoned make-up artist of over 15 years. Nick has created amazing special effects for TV and films and has travelled across Canada puppeteering.

Alex Kominek


Writer and Puppeteer
Alexander Kominek, a writer/director with a B.Sc. in Film Studies. Alexander has written and directed feature films, short films, and commercial videos for the past 8 years.

Andrew Kominek


Sound Designer and Composer
Andrew Kominek, an experienced music producer and recording artist. Andrew received a scholarship to attend the prestigious Banff Centre for the Arts' Audio Engineering Practicum program.


Slug Brothers is a family friendly comedy web series about three giant slugs living in the real world.